Brooklyn Bay's Diverse & Qualified Faculty

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The faculty an BBU is strictly committed to its competency-based approach that places a great emphasis on the learner's success.

As of November 2014, Brooklyn Bay University has successfully placed over 2000 full-time faculty members and over 700 part-time faculty members that are serving several faculty roles. All of our course mentors have earned a graduate degree.

The atmosphere at Brooklyn Bay University is very flexible, due to the fact that learning BBU is personalized and there is no use of typical online classes that depend on a fixed schedule. We guide and assist each student through a very personalized learning experience in which the faculty and staff serve in different capacities:

Course Mentors

Course mentors are experts on subject matter and have the responsibility to support the students that are engaging if different sections of Brooklyn Bay curriculum. They possess experience and training for the specific course they support. They can address every issue relating to the course, learning recourse or an assessment. To be specific, course mentors:

  • Help student through one-to-many and one-to-one forums
  • Provide help to students and learning communities in following instructions
  • Provide help through their content expertise to the student struggling with course material

The scale of instructional support varies from student to student. Some only require help with specific questions whereas others require fully engaged tutorial support.

Program Faculty

Brooklyn Bay's program faculty consists of educational experts, who serve in different capacities as program managers, assessment and curriculum developers and program council members. Specifically:

  • Faculty Program Council Includes experts from academia and industry to oversee if the curriculum is designed to meet the demands of today's world.
  • Faculty Program Managers Are responsible for the quality of the designed program and its relevance to the university's degree programs.
  • Faculty Curriculum Developers Are responsible for the development of domain competencies and objectives for every component of the degree program and for its continuous improvement.