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Employee Management System

is among the top ranking online universities all over the globe. Though there are many factors contributing to this success but as always, for an online university the learning management system is the most crucial of all. The online learning management system employed by is state-of-the art, completely optimized and student centric in nature. It was made by experts that have complete knowledge of today's students' requirements as well as the latest technology trends in the education landscape.

It is also due to this learning management system that students at BBU can keep studying from the comfort of their couch without having to worry about travelling long distances. The LMS at is compact, yet completely capable of handling all the academic processes completely.

Complete Integration & Optimization


Digi-Learn is a completely optimized online learning mnagement system with everything available at finger tips. Its designed to cater the needs of students and faculty alike.

  • Provides student-centered services
  • Online classes through mobile and desktop app
  • Quick connection with peers

Progress Tracking Everywhere


Digi-Learn is the most convinient way for the students to check their constant progress from anywhere in the world. At the same time, faculty can also use this platform to easily enter the record for every student.

  • Progress monitering made easier for students
  • Management of online classes by students
  • Interaction with other students and teachers
  • Can be used to provide feedback on lectures

Cost Effective, Automated Reminder,User Friendly


Digi-Learn allows students plan their entire day's or even week's timetable ahead. Through its easy to use interface, students can create their own profiles.

  • Allows students to apply for scholarships
  • Helps in setting up reminders for upcoming due dates
  • Interaction with other students and teachers
  • Hassel free way to manage online programs