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Career Services

Brooklyn Bay's Career Service Center provides its students with a chance to explore various career opportunities build up their own professional network and make their career development plans for future. It is the main focus of the career services center to strengthen the employer- relations program by equipping its students with the necessary professional skills required for job search and career advancement. They also focus on connecting the students to placement and professional networking opportunities by conducting a series of courses, practical workshops, small group sessions, one-to-one coaching, and career and networking events; you'll be able to address:


Opening Doors

Brooklyn Bay's Professional Development Center seeks desirable job opportunities for its students and alumni. We identify desirable opportunities and provide introductions to students with the help of an active professional network of employers, preceptors and alumni. The online recruiting systems at Brooklyn Bay give you access to various summer positions and full-time employment opportunities.

Maximizing Employability

Brooklyn Bay's Professional Development Center offers individual career counseling and group programs to equip students with the skills necessary to secure desired employment and maximize employability. Professional Development Center staff makes sure that you are prepared for the job search and interviews by giving assistance with resumes and cover letters, or interview skills and business cards.