Student Consultancy

Brooklyn Bay University provides consultancy services that are available 24 x 7 for all students. Our educational consultants will assist you in any way possible are available around the clock.

Enrollment Advisor


The enrollment advisor provided to you by Brooklyn Bay are there to help you through the entire admission process and provide you with answers all of your questions regarding programs, fees, financial assistance and everything necessary that should be in your knowledge before you begin your classes. It's in their JD to also provide you with the relevant information about transfer of educational and prior learning credits. You can earn your degree according to your own terms with the help of your advisor and educational plan they will create for you.

Academic Advisor


The academic advisor provided to you by Brooklyn Bay will be available for you throughout your educational journey at the university. He/She will aid you in selecting your courses, activating the online classrooms and scheduling your classes. It is his/her job to support you at every step of the way―from your enrolment day to your graduation. He/She will also act as a financial advisor, helping you with scholarships, grants, fee payment options and other financial services.

Career Advisor


The career advisor provided to you by Brooklyn Bay will be available for to you if you decide benefit from career services. The advisor will help you build your professional network, draft your resume, give you interview tips & improve your salary negotiation skills to enhance your employability. Also, he will keep you posted regarding the job vacancies best suitable for you.