IESFWA grants funds for Brooklyn Bay University programs


IESFWA (International education support forum for working adults) and Brooklyn Bay University were in-talks for a prolonged session in 2014, in regards to the development of the curriculum and the expansion of programs at Brooklyn Bay University. Finally, these talks came to an end, when it was decided that IESFWA's Educational Grants for 2015 will go to Brooklyn Bay University.

IESFWA (International education support forum for working adults) as we all know, is a mission oriented organization with international chapters. IESFWA is working to standardize and promote the education for working adults worldwide. To carry on that mission, the core evaluation team of IESFWA conducted an extensive evaluation of Brooklyn Bay University, which included the checking of their curriculum, their teaching methodology, their faculty, the logistical equipment, etc. After the evaluation, the core evaluation team went into talks with the board members on Brooklyn Bay University. In those meetings, the core team shared their evaluation results with the board members and discussed the possibilities that could make the educational standards of Brooklyn Bay University much more effective. Although, there were many plans proposed for the betterment of the educational standards at Brooklyn Bay but the most highlighted was the development of curriculum and the expansion of the programs at Brooklyn Bay University.

Of course to make these plans happen, it would require a significant amount of funding and that's where IESFWA comes in to play it's part. It is common knowledge in the online education industry that each year IESFWA releases Educational Grants for the betterment of online education worldwide and these grants are given only on the bases of merit. It was the decision of IESFWA core evaluation team that this year IESFWA Education Grants 2015 will be awarded to Brooklyn Bay University, so that the expansion of the educational programs could raise the standards of education at Brooklyn Bay University even higher.