Brooklyn Bay in North America

offers its education throughout North America. There are currently more than 8,500 students and 700 staff. About two quarter of students are based in North America. The number of students continue to grow as they enjoy excellent facilities for state-of-the-art online education management system, world-class teaching and learning facilities, and student centre.

Meet 700+ Regional Faculty

  • Member One Tracy B. Agnew B.E.
    Assistant Professor
    School of Engineering
  • Member One David M. Bollman MBA
    Assistant Professor
    School of Business Management
  • Member One James G. Olson PHD
    Senior Professor
    School of Psychology
  • Member One Ellen J. Arviso MBA
    School of Business Management

Meet Your Graduation Team

We provide a Graduation Team of 135+ comprised of dedicated representatives to support you from the day you enroll to the day you graduate. Some of the featured graduation team professionals include:

  • Member Amanda Lee Bachelors

    School of Education
  • Member Amanda Lee MBA

    School of Business Management

150+ Corporate Partners at Brooklyn Bay