Brooklyn Bay in Asia

offers its education throughout Asia. There are currently more than 3,400 students and 450 staff. About a quarter of students are based in Asia. The number of students continue to grow as they enjoy excellent facilities for state-of-the-art online education management system, world-class teaching and learning facilities, and student centre.

Meet 450+ Regional Faculty

  • Member One Li Mei Wan B.E.
    Assistant Professor
    School of Engineering
  • Member One Mahendra Santanu PHD
    Senior Professor
    School of Psychology
  • Member One Deepika Sanyukta MBA
    Assistant Professor
    School of Business Management
  • Member One Rifqy Yunika MBA
    School of Business Management

Meet Your Graduation Team

We provide a Graduation Team of 68+ comprised of dedicated representatives to support you from the day you enroll to the day you graduate. Some of the featured graduation team professionals include:

  • Member Sati Nishit Bachelors

    School of Education
  • Member Nirad Natterraja MBA

    School of Business Management

150+ Corporate Partners at Brooklyn Bay