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Although, it's important for a student to know that the university he/she is attending is accredited and recognized globally, but it's equally important the things you learn here will lead you towards a successful career. Our primary focus at Brooklyn Bay University is the learning of students.

Brooklyn Bay University has a massive network of 120000+ alumni that are spread all across the globe, working at the top multinational companies.

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  • Member David Justin, Bachelors of Art, Majors in History David Justin graduated from with a Bachelor of Art in History in the Spring of 2014. He comes from Belmont, NC and his time in education is far from over. During his time at , David says that he felt a calling to be a teacher, and that's exactly what he's going to do.
  • Member Helen Schomburg, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Helen Schomburg is a junior here at and she comes from Manchester, UK. Helen is working towards her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and she is involved in a number of activities outside of her online classroom as well! Helen works as an teacher and is a mother of two and an active member of Brooklyn Bay.
  • Member Angela Moore, Masters in Biology What is to you? "The meaning of family away from home, who are there no matter what. People that you can depend on, even faculty you can turn to." Was there anything you wish you knew before you came here? "Don't be afraid to try something- anything- new."